Child Rearing

Your over conscious adolescent child needs to be told


Children learn from adults. If at every outing you spray some cologne before leaving home, or have an array of deodorants and perfumes lined up the dressing table, they’d follow suit too. Already growing children, get conscious of their body and smell. However, too much dependence and overuse of such scented products and other anti-perspirants can be harmful to you and more so (more…)

Toddler Art Ideas


At our house, arts and crafts are the area where my son and I regularly connect. He has his sports and outdoor activities with his dad, his football watching with his dad, and his tool/build/repair time with his dad. With me, we connect on reading, on organizing (I know, you are not all shocked that I – author of a site on organizing and time-saving – consider organizing an actual activity), and arts and crafts. These are our “mom and son” things that we do together (more…)